We are very proud to professionally run ‘İNSANCA YAŞAM MERKEZİ‘ project since December 2016. We had 4 employees for 7 months with our partner IMC (International Medical Corps) who funded our project. We collected many good memories with the women and children attendees thanks to the ‘Safe Space’ we created for them. This journey has been a ‘SCHOOL’ to both attendees, staff and our volunteers. We have gained many experiences.

We decided to run our community center, considering the circumstances and needs in the neighborhood we are located at. We plan to fund the expenses with the capacity of our association and support of our volunteers. We are sure, our center will live with you support, the seed we planted will turn into a flower and may be our center will be an example to many more centers.

We will be holding Volunteering Seminars very soon, you can also join our trainings and fulfill your social responsibility.

We will be on this page with all the details soon!