BODRUM 1772 

The Association was established to pursue the following objectives:

  1. To meet the needs of people both abroad and in Turkey without any discrimination on the basis of language, religion, race, or gender. To foster awareness of social responsibility and a sense of collaboration and solidarity across all segments of society. To address issues of socioeconomic disparity. To protect universal human values. To create bridges between people across national boundaries and borders. To provide humanitarian aid to people in distress and victims of natural disasters and manmade conflicts, including the injured, the disabled, the hungry, and victims of torture, wherever they are. To prevent the violation of basic rights and freedom.To promote educational programs at every level to combat poverty and improve quality of life
  2. To establish institutions and train staff for social leadership in the global civilization we are all a part of
  3. To promote development and productivity in the areas of culture, science, and community awareness
  4. To promote material and moral aid to people in need in the areas of education, food resources, healthcare, clothing, housing, and basic utilities
  5. To accept food, hygiene materials, clothing, and nutritional resource contributions through food banking for the purpose of distribution to those in need
  6. To build awareness of human and civil rights and to foster and cultivate efforts on their behalf
  7. To support effective, quality projects that foster all of the above and below
  8. To promote the protection of our environment against pollution and the encroachment of development in tourism related regions and to foster awareness for the importance of human and natural history
  9. To provide material and moral support for people who have been the victims of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, fire, erosion, and climate related displacement along with global conflict
  10. To foster and help develop projects and programs for the disabled (physical and mental) that contribute to the philosophy of “Life without Disabilities”
  11. To support sustainable efforts aimed at ecological balance at the national and international level, including short term and long term projects, training, education, seminars, and conferences highlighting natural life and our collective environmental future
  12. The services that we will support and develop are for everyone, unaffiliated with any political or ethnic group or any specific region.